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Bachelor of Science – Health and Human Performance

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Health and Human Performance


Health and Human Performance – Community Health

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Annie Sondag

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Health and Human Performance


homeless, children, mental health, cognitive health, physical health

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Community Health | Social Work


Missoula’s Homeless Children: Effects of Homelessness on Mental, Emotional and Social Health

The mental, emotional, and social health of children are greatly affected by being homeless. Being homeless as a child could effect a person’s coping skills and lead to mental health issues that increase the likelihood of substance abuse , suicide attempts, or adult homelessness. The purpose of this research project is to explore the negative effects of homelessness on Missoula children, and to identify services that could be useful in combating those effects. Methods for this project, included two data collection strategies. First, a literature review was completed for the purpose of enhancing understanding about the effects of homeless on children nationwide. Second, key informant interviews were conducted with individuals in Missoula for the purpose of exploring the differences and similarities between issues identified in the literature and issues specific to children in Missoula. The population of homeless families in Missoula is growing faster than any other homeless population in the United States. When looking at the multitude of health issues children face because of homelessness, and the long-term results of homelessness, early interventions are vital. With such a large number of homeless children in Missoula, it is vitally important to find effective interventions to put in place to help prevent future health issues.

Honors College Research Project




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