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Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship; University Relations

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© 2006 University of Montana--Missoula


Contents of this issue include:

Message from the Vice President

Quick Looks

Program makes science cool for kids -- Researchers rake in external funding -- Program builds rural science infrastructure -- Grant boosts biological science education -- Viruses used to track big cats -- Pharmacy maintains top-10 ranking -- Research addition rises on campus -- Funding earned for environmental education -- Can we handle an outbreak? -- Study targets pollution and immune systems -- Ethics center trains science debaters -- Scientists surprised by salamanders -- Science tests smoking-cessation programs -- UM manages Natural Heritage Program -- It's getting hot out there -- Speaking of Science...

Feature Stories

  • Blazing the Fossil Trail: The University's new Paleontology Center and its partnership with Eastern Montana
  • Sidebar: New center lands big grant
  • UM Women of Science: Five diverse female scientists advancing the frontiers of knowledge
  • The Business Builders: UM's economy-boosting business school and its innovative programs
  • Student Scientist Q&A: Hilary Martens
  • The Invaders: Exotic species continually alter Montana's landscape and creatures
  • Living Well: UM institute a leader in studying people with disabilities

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