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Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship; University Relations

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© 2004 University of Montana--Missoula


Contents of this issue include:


Quick Looks

Students launch near-space balloon -- MUS works to build a better economy -- UM starts Montana Climate Office -- Scientist's Genesis work may not be in vain -- UM scientists lead international fusion conference -- UM hosts international nanotech symposium -- University adds more lab space -- Researchers attract record funding -- UM researchers promote 'economic literacy' -- University brings brain science to junior high students -- Montana joins northern states in bid for Internet2 connection -- Oops - better give credit where it's due

Feature Stories

  • Pharmacy: School on the grow
  • School of the Mind: Brain studies may combat central nervous system diseases
  • Pathways of Life: New lab tackles vascular disease
  • Genetic Healing: Biologist seeks DNA-level cures for hearing loss, cancer pain
  • High Tech Instrument Center: Super computing aids UM research
  • Return to Black Mountain: Less than a year after fire, nature thrives
  • Extreme Living: Hot pool creatures may offer glimpse of life beyond earth
  • Tunnels to Safety: Animals use culverts to cross highways
  • Vienna Experience: Study-abroad program leaves a lasting impression
  • Proteins May Unlock Mad Cow Disease: UM researcher Michele McGuirl works to protect food supplies
  • When Speech Wasn't Free: Professors delve into Montana's troubled past
  • Family Alchemy: Researchers balance science, marriage and kids
  • Culture Clash: Differences impact academic success
  • Invisible Space Rain: Researcher studies mysterious cosmic rays
  • Brain Pain: Researcher offers tips for migraine sufferers
  • Camas Magazine: Voices rising in the West

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