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Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship; University Relations

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© 2000 University of Montana--Missoula


Contents of this issue include:


  • Launching Dreams: UM researchers soar with NASA's new earth science satellite
  • Lewis & Clark Slept Here: Montana Tech researcher is an expert in identifying camp sites of the Corps of Discovery's historic trek
  • Where the Wild Things Are: From bears to badgers, UM researchers study wildlife in their natural habitat
  • A Bird's Eye View: A biology project at UM makes innovative use of satellite imagery to find answers to habitat questions
  • Fine Specimens: UM's herbarium and zoological museum are a treasure trove of cool stuff
  • Home on the Range: An inside look at a research ranch that studies how ranchers and wildlife can coexist
  • Home is Where...The O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain west helps Westerners understand their region and its future
  • Shared Facilities: UM researchers work together, sharing equipment and resources to advance the cause of science

A Closer Look

  • Movin' on Up: The School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences ranks high for research dollars received
  • More About Lewis and Clark: UM Earth Observing System Education Project joins Lewis and Clark Data Consortium
  • New Center: The Center for Environmental Health Sciences will focus on environmental health from a human standpoint
  • Sponsored Research at UM: In 1999, UM received nearly $32 million in grants, 73 percent of which were federal
  • Technology Now and Then: Comparing the research tools of today with those used by Lewis and Clark
  • Reaching Out: UM business organizations land $400,000 to take census of state manufacturers -- and create an online directory for them
  • Tourism Outlook: At least for the short-term, Montana's tourism boom will continue
  • Students Investigate Asbestos Tragedy: Three UM journalism students help break story on Libby asbestos problem
  • Wilderness Watchdogs: Forestry dean leads group of national experts charged with oversight of the nation's wilderness

Book Previews

  • Values at Work: Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondragon, by George Cheney
  • Communicating Emotion: Social, Moral, and Cultural Processes, by Sally Planalp


  • The Nature of Learning: Student interns work in the wild

Back Talk

  • Tackling Tough Questions: Advisory committees seek UM expertise

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