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Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship; University Relations

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© 1986 University of Montana--Missoula


Contents of this issue include:

Distinguished Scholars

Off-Campus Facilities: University of Montana Biological Station

Off-Campus Facilities: Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Anthropology/Geology: Forensics experts help state officials piece together difficult crimes

Art: Marilyn Bruya: Drawing inspiration from circumstance

Business: UM's Small Business Institute a boon to businesses and students

Chemistry: Taking the itch out of poison ivy

Education: Pre-school programs provide support for the developmentally disabled

English: English professor Bill Kittredge: Rancher turned writer

Forestry: Cultivating huckleberries commercially as a Montana forest product

Forestry: Researcher uses remote sensing to monitor environmental change

Health and Physical Education: Getting worked over by the 'mule' could help you keep fit

History: Journals of two Canadian Mounties shed light on history of the Northwest

Microbiology: UM immunology research may help control gonorrhea

Social Work: UM teams and state social workers dealing with child abuse

Telecommunications: Telecommunications center links classrooms to the outside world

Wood Chemistry: Wood chemistry lab focuses on new areas of biotechnology

Zoology: Honey bees monitor the environment, provide early warning of pollution

Zoology: New mating theories could affect Montana's bighorn sheep population


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