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Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship; University Relations

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© 2011 University of Montana--Missoula


Contents of this issue include:

Message from the Vice President

Quick Looks

Campus investigators rake in research dollars -- Big grant funds new biomolecular structure center -- Major award will aid children in Indian Country -- Sensors beneath Arctic ice to study climate change -- USDA awards highest honor to UM wildlife professor -- Funding boosts Big Sky Brain Project for kids -- Campus earns funding to study biomass -- UM science department celebrates 100 years -- Technology magazine honors UM for innovation -- Scientist discovers ancient coral fossils in Nevada -- Research sheds light on modern human origins -- Study challenges assumed climate change effect

Feature Stories

  • UM's Window on Space: Researchers help NASA reveal secrets of the solar system
  • Planting New Ideas: UM ecologist promotes concepts of plant community interdependence
  • Finding Faults: Researcher maps earthquake zones to help those at risk
  • Student Researcher: David Brooks
  • Bacterial Buddies: Scientist finds fascinating relationships between insects and one-celled stowaways
  • Medicine Man: UM professor's company seeks answers for deadly diseases
  • Exercise Enigma: Diabetics in study burned fact faster
  • Mechanics of Movement: New University researcher studies limits of 'the human machine'

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