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Journal of Biological Chemistry

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Periodate-oxidized adenosine triphosphate (o-ATP), a ribose ring-opened dialdehyde derivative of ATP, reacts specifically with human deoxyhemoglobin to give a single major covalently modified product after reduction with sodium borohydride. This product, designated di-ATP Hb, was isolated using ion-exchange chromatography and shown to have incorporated two molecules of o-ATP/tetramer. Peptide mapping and x-ray crystallography at 2.8-A resolution indicate that a covalent adduct is formed between the ligand and residues Lys-82 EF6 of each beta chain in the organic phosphate-binding site of the molecule. di-ATP Hb exhibits a significantly decreased oxygen affinity (P50 = 20.8 mm Hg versus 5.8 mm Hg control; 50 mM 2-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-2-(hydroxymethyl)-propane-1,3-diol, pH 7.4, 0.1 M C, 20 degrees C). The subunit cooper-activity of di-ATP Hb is also reduced (nmax = 1.9 versus 2.7 control).


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