Horace M. Albright Interview, June 21, 1979


Horace M. Albright


Gyongyver "Kitty" Beuchert and Forrest Anderson



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Horace M. Albright discusses his early life in California during the early 20th century. He talks about attending the University of California at Berkeley before going to work for the Secretary of the Interior in Washington D.C. Albright describes his work in the Department of the Interior, helping to create the National Park Service. He recalls working as the superintendent of Yellowstone National Park, and his time as assistant director for the National Park Service during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. He talks about helping create the Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC] and acquiring monuments and land for the National Park Service. Albright recalls joining the Boone and Crockett Club in 1922, and discusses the Club’s work in 1916 and 1917, acquiring Mount McKinley [Denali] for the National Park Service. Albright mentions various significant members of the Club, particularly Theodore Roosevelt, and notes Roosevelt’s contested status as a true conservationist. He talks about receiving help from members of the Club in maintaining Yellowstone’s elk populations, fighting irrigation dam creation in the Park in 1919, and expanding the Park. He also describes the role of Club members in creating the Save-the-Redwoods League and expanding Sequoia National Park in 1926.


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University of California Berkeley; Pinchot, Gifford; Mather, Stephen; U.S. National Park Service; Roosevelt, Theodore; Rough Riders; Eaton, Howard; Lane, Franklin K.; Miller, Adolph; Flood Foundation; Georgetown University; McAdoo, William G.; Mather Mountain Party; Scott, Hugh L.; Gillette, Frederick; Hough, Emerson; Grosvenor, Gilbert; American Museum of Natural History; Osborn, Jr., Henry Fairfield; Grand Canyon; United States Potash Company; Ickes, Harold L.; Roosevelt, Franklin D.; Civilian Conservation Corps; Grinnell, George Bird; Forest and Stream magazine; Frederick, Karl; Mount McKinley; Denali National Park and Preserve; Sheldon, Charles; National Park Service Act; Audubon Society; Glacier National Park; Century Club; Grant, Madison; Walker, Frederick; Jackson Hole; Grand Teton National Park; White House Conservation Conference; American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society’ Save-the-Redwoods League; Grant, DeForest; Sequoia National Park; Mid-Century Conference on Resources for the Future; Warren G. Harding; Calvin Coolidge; Archibald Roosevelt; Sagamore Hill; Muir, John; Yosemite National Park; International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; National Parks Commission; International Conference on National Parks

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Horace M. Albright Interview, June 21, 1979