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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Creative Writing (Nonfiction)

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Department of English

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Judy Blunt

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David Gates, Nadia White


Creative Writing, Nonfiction, North Dakota, Shelterbelts, Essays, Motorcycles


University of Montana

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A collection of reportage, lyric, and personal essays, Shelterbelts is a coloring of the past, a remembrance of a North Dakotan upbringing and the unveiling of secrets, regrets, and hopes. It is a questioning of presence in place, in history, in genealogy, and an experimentation of the self in moments of familiarity and foreignness. Shelterbelts tracks the changing of societal values and economics with the development of advanced oil-extraction fracking technologies, and a coming into adulthood, questioning the nostalgic remembrance of the past while confronting the reality of the present and possible future. Shelterbelts examines what we plant to protect ourselves, what we destroy to appease ourselves, and what is left when the price is settled.

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