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Master of Arts (MA)

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Sociology (Criminology Option)

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Department of Sociology

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Jackson M. Bunch

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Daisy Rooks, Greg Machek


Cyber-Victimization, Cyberbullying, General Strain, School Victimization, School Crime, NCVS


University of Montana

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This study examines juvenile delinquency and cyber-victimization from a general strain perspective. General strain theory provides a model where strain is experienced through the (1) loss of something valued, (2) the presentation of noxious stimuli, or (3) the inability to achieve valued goals. As a coping mechanism for strain, some juveniles react through criminal or delinquent behavior. This thesis predicts that cyber-victimization increases the likelihood of physical fighting, weapon-carrying, and truancy at school. Using the 2013 National Crime Victimization Survey: School Crime Supplement, the hypotheses are analyzed using multivariate logistic regression models that include other known correlates of delinquency. Marginal support is found for cyber-victimization increasing the likelihood of truancy from school. Although the overall results do not support the hypotheses, several other factors display significant relationships with delinquent outcomes. A discussion of the results, limitations, and recommendations for future research is provided in light of these findings.

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