cold lapse

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Studio Art/ Printmaking

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School of Art

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Elizabeth Dove

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Matt Hamon Valerie Hedquist David Schuldberg


printmaking, sculpture, time, death, post minimalism, minimalism


University of Montana

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Art and Design | Art Practice | Fine Arts | Printmaking | Sculpture


cold lapse addresses the abstract notions of time and loss while conveying the value of observing the present. The postmodern view of time, the grid’s vernacular, and the aesthetics of postminimalism are my foundation for communicating time’s passage and its consequential sensations of absence. The duration of a slow drip, the cycle of breath and the sequential motion of a hand folding paper each mark passing moments. By observing these signs the phenomenon of time may be appreciated. Care and ephemerality in the work require the viewer’s sensitivity when encountering and witnessing it, much like the demands of observing the present. The tension between the materials themselves and their overtly aestheticized display demonstrates my desire for control over the uncontrollable. The uncontrollable is synonymous with the work’s continuous themes: time and its value, and loss and its inevitability.



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