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Master of Arts (MA)

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School of Art

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MaryAnn Bonjorni

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Elizabeth Lo Jennifer Combe Robert LedBetter


Art, Chaos, Nature, Painting, Zen


University of Montana

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Art Practice


Contemporary living can cause stress that is detrimental to creativity. Most of the world’s population has grown dependent on technology to connect us to, and keep track of daily, monthly, and hourly actions. Our plans fill us with the illusion of control over random events. I do not trust technology to help me find my way in the world. I want to find my way in life using limited technology. My art practice is an example of this trajectory and has become my way of embracing random events. The logic I use to employ order in the pandemonium of everyday living is absent in my studio practice. When you experience my thesis research, you are seeing explosions, breakdowns, realizations, and catharsis that are brought on by allowing myself to replace linear, logical practices with non-linear, irrational practices.

Aesthetic properties physically and emotionally move the viewer. I believe this unburdens viewers from socio-political messages instead leaving them open and unrestricted.

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