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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

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Phil Condon

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Dan Spence

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Robert Stubblefield


Work, land, environment, ecological restoration, ethics, modernity


University of Montana

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Natural Resources and Conservation


Wearing it On is a collection of six essays of personal reflection on the frayed fabric of work and environment in the new millennium. In this thesis, the author explores disconnection and alienation, both as a result of the degradation of the environment and natural resources as well as the conversion of humans into “human resources.” Each essay is centered on the experience of work and land from a different point of view in order to explore the character of disconnection in work and degradation of the environment from various points of view, as well as to show how our application of economic rationality to our environmental problems has created situations and occupations that can seem absurd and surreal. This is part of an inquiry into the greater dilemma of modernity that has been playing out for at more than a century: as society becomes more rational, life as we experience it is ever more absurd and strange.

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