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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Writing

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Environmental Studies

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Phil Condon

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Judy Blunt, Dan Spencer


Boy Scouts of America, New Mexico, Philmont Scout Ranch, Wildfire, Outdoor Education, Fire Ecology


University of Montana

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Ground Fires is a collection of creative nonfiction probing the social and environmental complexities that marked the narrator’s long membership in the Boy Scouts of America. I grew up a Scout, part of a quirky, adventurous troop in a New England college town. After earning Eagle and graduating high school, I moved west, working for seven summers and a few more seasons at Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. I led backpacking trips through the mountains and high desert, teaching teenagers about land I knew and loved, land that was changing fast. From bears to wildfire to challenging politics, these stories seek the colorful people and places behind a uniquely American institution, in hopes that Scouting might serve as a bright force in shaping the future of our diverse and wild country.

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