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Professional Paper

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Leadership (Educational Specialist Degree)

Department or School/College

College of Education and Human Sciences

Committee Chair

William P. McCaw


Transformational Leadership, Leadership, Quality Management, TQM, management


University of Montana


Businesses of all types seek to combine the most appropriate leadership styles with the best management practices. This paper reviews the principles of Transformational Leadership along with the ideals of Quality Management and evaluates the effects Transformational Leadership can have on a Quality Management system.

Drawing from numerous leadership and management textbooks, journal articles, and online sources, various aspects of Transformational Leadership and how it relates to other leadership styles were examined. Also reviewed was the development and growth of Quality Management, and the various aspects of a quality management program, with a detailed look at three of the major quality management theories. Finally, how a Transformational Leader can improve a Quality Management program was evaluated.

Transformational Leadership is a leadership style that involves a leader striving to accomplish goals by learning and meeting the personal needs of their followers. By developing the skills and meeting the intrinsic needs of the followers, they claim ownership of their processes and are encouraged to produce at a greater level to meet the company’s goals.

Quality Management is a management style that tries to improve the overall quality through continual improvement in all aspects of production, with the goal of reducing errors to near zero. Improving quality throughout the process allows for increased productivity, better products, more sales, and greater profits.

Transformational Leadership helps enhance Quality Management by focusing management and leadership attention on training, personal development of all followers, and improvement processes. A Transformational Leader will move a company forward with the help of every individual within the organization.



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