Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Name

Speech-Language Pathology

Department or School/College

Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Committee Chair

Ginger Collins

Commitee Members

Jennifer Schoffer Closson, Anisa Goforth, Morgen Alwell


interprofessional education, interprofessional collaboration, participant observer, exploratory case study


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to understand how the interprofessional collaboration (IPC) experience of Youth Engagement Through Intervention (YETI) changes perceptions and knowledge regarding scope of practice of pre-service professionals in the Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD), School Psychology, and Clinical Psychology programs. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with pre-service professionals participating in YETI as student clinicians at three different time periods. The results contribute to the existing literature base affirming that interprofessional experiences during pre-professional programs are beneficial. For the Departments of Communicative Sciences and Disorders and Department of Psychology at University of Montana, findings have the potential to inform decisions about developing and maintaining interprofessional education and interprofessional collaboration programs in the future.



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