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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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School of Art

Committee Chair

Valerie Hedquist

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Valerie Hedquist, Kevin Bell, Judy Blunt


art, longing, painting


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Art Practice | Fine Arts


What Comes After Longing is a collection of artifacts from my research exploring the desires and haunting motivations of the human experience. Is all life longing for something, some place, somebody, some time? That is the question I pose.

What is the purpose of longing? Is it meaningless to long for something if you’re longing for something that’s not real? We filter our experience of the world through this longing. Longing is the filter through which we survive, and my research and work explores whether we can get past this, or whether all life is a series of these longings.

The film, music, poetry, and paintings in this body of work stand testament to the way we digest and come to terms with tangible reality through our own internal filter. Referencing portraiture and landscape scenes and scenarios both old and new, true and untrue, the work is a catalyst for a possibly futile attempt to answer a question that has no answer but remains in a nebulous location such as most endeavors in life.



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