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Document Type

Professional Paper

Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Name


Other Degree Name/Area of Focus

Forensic Anthropology

Department or School/College


Committee Chair

Dr. Randall Skelton

Commitee Members

Dr. Kirsten Green-Mink, Dr. Tully Thibeau


Anthropology, Forensics, Biological Assessment


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Biological and Physical Anthropology


This report consists of the skeletal remains, assessment of the minimum number of individuals, a biological profile analysis and a literature review on pathology analyses for forensic anthropology case reporting. The human remains are consistent with a MNI of one. The individual is likely an adult male of European ancestry with an estimated age range of 30 to 50 years at time of death. This individual has a probable forensic stature of 5’3’’ to 5’4’’. This individual may be identified by the burr hole or trepanation located on the frontal bone as there are likely medical records for this procedure.



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