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Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science

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Computer Science

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Rob Smith

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Rob Smith, Michael Cassens, Douglas Brinkerhoff


Mass Spectrometry, Ground Truth Data


University of Montana

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Other Computer Sciences | Software Engineering


Very few quantitative evaluations exist for precursor mass spectrometry data due to the lack of tools for enabling the manual feature finding necessary to generate this data. Other lacks the ability to capture, edit, save, and view precursor mass spectrometry data. We present JS-MS 2.0, a software suite that provides a dependency-free, browser-based, one click, cross-platform solution for creating precursor ground truth. The software retains the first version’s capacity for loading, viewing, and navigating MS1 data in 2- and 3-D, and adds tools for capturing, editing, saving and viewing isotopic envelope and extracted isotopic chromatogram features. The software can also be used to view and explore the results of feature finding algorithms. JS-MS 2.0 enables faster creation and inspection of precursor mass spectrometry ground truth data. It is publicly available with a GPL 2.0 license at



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