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Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

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Creative Pulse Program

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Richard Hughes

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Karen Kaufmann, Michael Murphy


all-northwest, all-state, burnout, choir, chorus, digital, district music festival, high school, mhsa, rehearsal aid, resource, singers, state music festival, tracks


University of Montana


With all of the digital resources available to students and teachers alike, there are now easy and effective ways to create resources for my students which specifically address pinpointed musical needs in the choral classroom. Just because they exist, however, does not automatically mean that they will be utilized in a timely or efficient manner in the midst of an active school year. One of the most profound realizations I encountered during my journey through the Creative Pulse classes was that I have become a robot, a slave, a jukebox of sorts when it comes to helping my students succeed. Although I lead creative, effective, and engaging rehearsals during class time, my program’s success is causing me to bog down in the minutia of those things which must be repeated almost the same way for hundreds of students, for hundreds of hours, year after year. I have just completed year thirteen of my teaching career, and it is time to use my wisdom and skills to create a more streamlined workflow for my program. In reviewing my school year activities, the bulk of extra time spent with my students is, by far, preparing them for auditions that happen each and every year. With this project, I am striving to hand over valuable rehearsal tools to the students themselves so that they can become empowered and I can more quickly work with them on the more advanced aspects of their music-making.

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