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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Department of Art

Committee Chair

Brad Allen


Sculpture, Video


University of Montana


My 2012 thesis exhibition was created to represent my visual perspective as an artist. Each work began with an initial idea or spark of inspiration. However, it is the process leading to the final outcome that shapes each visual composition. All of my works are similar in that they are multifaceted in terms of both meaning and structure, but each is unique in terms of when and where it was created. My form of expression is based on a response to my current position in the world and a reaction to the events and imagery I see in my everyday life. By finding inspiration in my surroundings and basing my artistic process on available resources, I can construct a work of art to address any topic. Throughout this presentation I will be discussing the origins of my selected ideas, processes, and the ideas or sparks behind the work I make. Aligning my artistic practice with both raw video imagery and process driven sculpture, I have an integrated my own artistic voice.



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