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Master of Arts (MA)

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Linguistics Program

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Irene Appelbaum

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Donna Mendelson, Leora Bar-el


Hans Vogt, interlinear, Kalispel


University of Montana


Ward, Meredith L., M.A., Summer 2008 Linguistics AN INTERLINEAR ANALYSIS OF FOUR KALISPEL TEXTS FROM HANS VOGT Chairperson: Dr. Irene Appelbaum This thesis is an interlinear analysis of four Kalispel texts originally published by Hans Vogt in 1940. Beyond a sentence by sentence English translation accompanying the texts, they were not further analyzed by Vogt. In this project four of the original nineteen texts were analyzed at the morpheme level using the SIL International shareware program Fieldworks. This analysis will provide further data for linguists and the Kalispel community for the purposes of research on the language as well as documentation and preservation. Included in this thesis are an introduction including background and methodology, the interlinearized texts and a list of stems, affixes, and roots occurring in the analyzed texts.

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