Establishment of Physical Assessment Percentile Ranks for Junior Alpine Ski Competitors.

Jennifer Anne Stielow, The University of Montana


ABSTRACT Stielow, Jennifer A., M.S., May 2010 Health and Human Performance Establishment of Physical Assessment Percentile Ranks for Junior Alpine Ski Competitors Chairperson: Dr. Steven Gaskill STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: While there is adequate literature on elite alpine skiers there is limited reporting relating to fitness in junior alpine skiers or the validity of testing related to performance in junior alpine skiers. PURPOSE: To investigate the physiological and anatomical characteristics in junior alpine skiers in order to establish performance standards and percentile ranks using the current USSA Physical Assessment protocol. METHODS: 1319 junior alpine skiers (761 males and 558 females) aged 13-19y were evaluated using the current USSA Physical Assessment testing protocol. Percentile ranks were calculated from results and correlations to performance were explored using stepwise regression techniques. RESULTS: A current set of normative tables for each age group (J1, J2, J3) and gender were created using junior alpine skier data. Despite higher than desired standard error of estimation relating to USSA point ranking the stepwise regressions revealed correlations between performance and junior alpine skiers in maturation status, power, anaerobic and aerobic capacities. Despite the correlations made to some of the testing variables, overall the USSA Physical Assessment protocol was not correlated to alpine ski performance. CONCLUSION: Training for junior alpine skiers should continue to include aerobic fitness, anaerobic power and endurance, power, flexibility, coordination, and agility. An athletes training program can be thoroughly evaluated by reviewing individual test to test results. This will promote the proper development of stamina, strength, speed, suppleness and skills and enhance the effects of on snow technical training. Further research is needed to evaluate into the variation seen with maturity in junior alpine racers.


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