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Master of Arts (MA)

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Department of Anthropology

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Anna Marie Prentiss

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John Douglas, Pei-Lin Yu


Middle Fraser Canyon, Lithic Design


University of Montana


Archaeological research of Housepit 1 at the S7istken site in the Middle Fraser region of the British Columbia Plateau has been ongoing since the summer of 2010. Housepit 1 is one of eight housepits at the site, and to date it has been excavated in near entirety. This has provided a large faunal assemblage mostly comprised of stored salmon remains, and also a lithic assemblage that has proven to be a useful measure of late prehistoric lifeways from the perspective of technological organization and lithic design strategies. Housepit 1 was occupied twice between about 350-300 B.P., which is the proto-historic era in the Middle Fraser. This timeframe bridges the preceding abandonment of winter village seasonally sedentary and logistically mobile patterns, and then a later reemergence of that pattern carried into the historic Fur Trade era. The research presented here studies technological organization and lithic design to view lifeways during the transitional times of the proto-historic era, and establish knowledge of how sedentary or mobile people living in Housepit 1 were during their times at the S7istken site.



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