Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Degree Name

Counselor Education and Supervision

Department or School/College

School of Education

Committee Chair

Kirsten Murray

Commitee Members

John Sommers-Flanagan, Lindsey Nichols, Veronica Johnson, Kimbery Brown-Campbell


attachment, counseling, relationship education


University of Montana


For several decades, a variety of interventions have been utilized in an effort to improve the likelihood that individuals will attain a stable and satisfying marriage. Historically, these interventions have taken place when individuals are already partnered and challenging relationship dynamics are already established. More recently, however, many relationship experts have established a more proactive approach to prevent marital decline. Adults with secure attachment feel comfortable with closeness and interdependence in relationships. Similarly, they believe they are worthy of love and see others as trustworthy and dependable. In contrast, adults with insecure attachment tend to struggle more in close relationships. This study adds research to both the relationship education and attachment fields by evaluating whether or not students' attachment security is impacted by a semester long undergraduate course on intimate relationships.



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