Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Degree Name

School Psychology

Department or School/College

Department of Psychology

Committee Chair

Gregory R. Machek

Commitee Members

Margaret Beebe-Frankenberger, Cameo Borntrager, Duncan Campbell, Elaine Clark


acute adolescent mental health, adolescent mental health, adolescent stigma, inpatient psychiatric treatment, public stigma, self-stigma


University of Montana


The current study sought to better understand how adolescents with serious mental health problems participating in inpatient psychiatric treatment experience self- and perceived public stigma, using demographic and clinical factors to help further explain adolescents' experience of self- and perceived public stigma. Participants reported moderate levels of both self- and perceived public stigma, though these adolescents did not report significantly higher levels of self- or perceived public stigma than community/outpatient based samples. Although neither the three demographic nor three clinical factors were able to account for a significant amount of reported self- or perceived public stigma, the current research examined an understudied, acute population not previously found in the literature. This study begins to fill the gap in research about stigma experiences from the most acute populations.



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