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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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School of Art

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Trey Hill, Beth Lo

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Cathryn Mallory , Brandon Reintjes


ceramic, sculpture, narrative, figure, animal, wool


University of Montana

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Fine Arts


Mythology has shaped human thought and experience since before recorded history. Passed from one generation to the next, myths elevate and aggrandize realities that are difficult, complex or horrifying. This is what makes us human, an inspiring capacity toward metaphor and the ability to make beauty, lyricism and splendor—order from the chaos. Within mythology, the cause and effect of both misery and joy may be explored in their wholeness. In this act of imaginative translation, we may come to understand how misery and joy are naturally coexisting.

In my thesis exhibition this tale is told out, I use the layering of mythology, iconography and personal narrative to explore the animal nature of humans and how these relate to the ways we establish and sustain relationships. I am interested in exploring the imagery and iconography of mythologies and their historic relationship to pastoral life, animal husbandry and women’s craft—drawing on my own experience of growing up on a sheep farm. This paper will demonstrate how my thesis work is based in contemporary tales of trauma, joy and womanhood.

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