Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Department or School/College

School of Art

Committee Chair

Trey Hill

Commitee Members

Beth Lo, Cathryn Mallory, Matt Hamon, Brandon Reintjes


Space, Post-Minimalism, Architecture, Art, Sculpture, Built Environment


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Architectural Technology | Environmental Design | Fine Arts | Interactive Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Landscape Architecture


Nansen, Tyler, M.F.A. Spring 2015

More Is The Same

Chairperson: Associate Professor Trey Hill

More is the Same is the result of my examination of the perception of space in relation to architecture and landscape. By embracing modern concepts of the grid, formalism and design, this compilation of personal experiences and memories, manifests as post-minimal sculptures. However, when considering the hierarchy of importance in my work this involves pure visual perception over any specific narrative. The final product is an exhibition which elicits a perceptual experience for its viewer.

My work is about space and the creation of visual interactions, I am particularly interested in the place where space and object meet. I see this as a sort of puzzle for the brain in which the viewer’s perception is challenged visually. My research has been an exploration of this through travel, self-reflection and observation of my surroundings. By researching how other artists and artistic movements have found ways to express physical space I am able to create spatial and temporal visual interactions for my viewers.



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