Year of Award


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Degree Type

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Department or School/College

College of Forestry and Conservation

Committee Chair

Cara R. Nelson

Commitee Members

Ragan M. Callaway, Elizabeth Crone, Lila Fishman, Solomon Dobrowski, Dean E. Pearson


local adaptation, native plant materials, plants, revegetation


The University of Montana


The use of locally adapted native plant materials is promoted as a mechanism for improving revegetation and restoration outcomes and increasing the long-term ecological function of a site. Challenges arise in the use local native plant materials, however, when the conditions in which they are used differ from those to which they are adapted, like in heavily disturbed sites undergoing restoration or invaded ecosystems, or when local adaptation is not the only genetic consideration for fitness (polyploidy). In addition, managers need to select among multiple guidelines for how far to move seeds, each of which comes with its own assumptions about the scale of factors that drive genetic differentiation. In my dissertation, I explore key ecological and genetic considerations for improving the use of native plant materials.



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