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Professional Paper - Campus Access Only

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Department of Anthropology

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Ashley H. McKeown

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Bradley Allen, Randall Skelton


age estimation, ancestry, bioarcaeology, bioturbation, cemetery, dental development and wear, Fordisc 3.0, forensic, historical, pathology, sex estimation, skeletal remains, stature, trauma


University of Montana


The suspected forensic case involving two skeletons whose identities have remained a mystery for 35 years is reexamined using bioarchaeological analysis. Methods for estimating sex, age at death, ancestry, stature, and pathology/trauma methods are applied in an effort to glean more information about the remains. A facial reconstruction is presented with a step-by-step illustration to reveal the potential appearance of one of the individuals. Historical research into the recovery site, the circumstances of their disinterment, and temporal evidence is used to contextualize in the tale of two men twice disturbed.

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