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Degree Type

Master of Science (MS)

Department or School/College

Department of Health and Human Performance

Committee Chair

Valerie Rich

Commitee Members

Blakely Brown, Tammy Elser


American Indian, Indian Health Service (IHS), specialty medical care, sports related injury


University of Montana


Introduction: Athletics are an integral part of American Indian (AI) life and culture. However, with participation there is a risk of receiving an injury. Sustaining an injury can be devastating to AI athletes that live on or near a reservation due to the rural location and disparities in health care. Objective: To determine Montana’s AI high school athletes’ injury rates, severity of injury, the current level of medical supervision, and type of health care they seek/receive. Methods: The procedure for collecting data consisted of sending out surveys to head coaches at 11 high schools that met the inclusion criteria. Analysis: Numerical data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2007. Discussion: Injury rates were fairly low, with most injuries being minor. Medical supervision at practices/competitions was inadequate and the majority of injured athletes sought medical care from Indian Health Service. Access to specialty care was also found to be inadequate.



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