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Professional Paper - Campus Access Only

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication Studies

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Department of Communication Studies

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Gregory Larson

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Joel Iverson, Tom Sullivan


identity, organizational change, place, relocation


University of Montana


Relocation can be a difficult time for employees as they struggle to adjust to a new work environment. A work environment functions to allow employees to accomplish daily tasks related to their job. Workspace is also significant in providing employees with a sense of self. This research examined how a physical location provides individuals with a resource to draw upon to construct their personal identities and how such identities are disrupted during a change in place. This study reveals how individuals deal with a loss of place as a resource for their personal identities. It also uncovers successful strategies used to facilitate place identity alignment during relocation. Specifically, this research identified practical ways managers can facilitate place identity alignment during change, particularly relocation.

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