Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper

Degree Type

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Name

Computer Science

Department or School/College

Department of Computer Science

Committee Chair

Min Chen

Commitee Members

Martin Fromm, Michael Cassens


android, black box, blackbox, black-box, computer science, IT, mobile, software development, testing, usability


University of Montana


The student experience at the University of Montana is rewarding, but uniquely challenging due to the size of the campus and the nature of many of the buildings. My goal is to design a project to simplify the life of the average student by providing a mobile application built for the Android platform. The project will provide students with tools to facilitate their educational experience and life on campus. This application will display the campus map and the user's location based on the phone's GPS or wireless controller using the Google Maps API. The map will allow users to pull different points of interest from web services that already exist and display them on the mobile device. The campus news feed will be consumed by the application and displayed in a mobile-friendly way for users to peruse as well. Students will have access to different modes of transportation to and from the University, such as bus routes, bike/walk trails, and parking for personal vehicles. The final product will be an application supporting the daily navigation and transportation needs of the University of Montana student, allowing them to find campus information at the touch of a finger. This project is a progressive step towards increasing the mobile nature of our society, and bringing education into the mobile revolution through the use of open source tools and frameworks.



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