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Master of Arts (MA)

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Modern Languages and Literature (German Option)

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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

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Hiltrud Arens

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Elizabeth Ametsbichler, Gary Funk


body, empowerment, everyday, feminism, gender, motherhood, patriarchy, physical, schweigen, seductions, silence, streeruwitz, verfuehrungen, vienna, women


University of Montana


This paper discusses the themes and styles Marlene Streeruwitz uses to support a feminist perspective. The themes discussed are silence, motherhood, oppression, and the body. Streeruwitz's text brings the historical and contemporary silence of women to light and exposes personal and social oppression. By including aspects of women's lives, such as the role of mother, Streeruwitz provides a new literary perspective of women. This is further enhanced by the text's insight into the physical aspects of womanhood. Finally, Streeruwitz's writing style, which is characterized by minimalistic sentence structures and phrases, as well as unusual punctuation, endorses a form of writing that is more representative of women's experiences in opposition to the vast history of literature formed from the male's perspective in a patriarchal society.

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