Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Name


Department or School/College

Department of Geography

Committee Chair

Ulrich Kamp

Commitee Members

David Shively, Julie Baldwin


cartography, geomorphologic mapping, GEomorphology, high mountain environments


University of Montana


Geomorphological mapping is the attempt to depict the physical setting of the surface of the earth by mapping the landforms present and the processes responsible for their appearance, and is method that is practiced worldwide. Currently, there is no universally accepted legend for mapping the geomorphological features of all environments, though there have been several attempts made to develop such a legend. Instead, many different European nations have developed their own geomorphologic mapping legends for mapping the landscapes that exist within their national boundaries. In addition, certain countries have even developed highly specific geomorphologic mapping legends for specific geomorphologic environments. The United States has neither a geomorphological mapping legend suitable for mapping the entirety of landscapes that exist within the United States’ boundaries, nor geomorphologic mapping legends suitable for mapping specific environments. This thesis was an attempt to develop the first geomorphologic legend for mapping the geomorphologic setting of high mountain environments in the United States.



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