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Conference Proceeding

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Integrated Inventories of Renewable Natural Resources: Proceedings of the Workshop; January 8-12, 1978; Tuscon, Arizona


USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station

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The paper describes an outdoor recreation resource (ORR) Supply Inventory and Classification (SIC) System that is being developed for multiple use natural resource planning. Four previously developed ORR SIC’s on which this system was built are described briefly. A general model for natural resource planning is presented to show how the proposed ORR SIC fits into a larger planning framework.

The proposed SIC System is described and its application for regional and unit planning is explained. Relationships between OR consumers' preferences for specific types of satisfying experiences and their preferences for specific attributes of the physical, social, and managerial settings are translated into specific and objective criteria proposed for inventorying and classifying lands as to their potential for providing particular types of OR opportunities on the spectrum.


Copyright 1978 USDA Forest Service