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Griz Give-and-Get is an online platform at the University of Montana that aims to reduce consumer waste. It attempts to do this by providing students and staff with a place to give away their used items. The first objective of this essay is to describe the process behind Griz Give-and-Get’s early development. The second objective is to relate concepts from environmental philosophy to Griz Give-and-Get’s mission. Although part of Griz Give-and-Get’s mission is to build community and to mitigate the effects of student poverty, this essay will narrow its focus to explore the first issue that Griz Give-and-Get concerns itself with: consumer waste. This essay will be of interest to those who wish to learn more about the harms of landfills, efforts in Missoula to reduce waste, how efforts to reduce waste tie to environmental philosophy, and how someone might attempt to develop a similar program to Griz Give-and-Get in other contexts.

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Aesthetics | Applied Ethics | Environmental Health | Ethics and Political Philosophy | Marketing

Griz Give-and-Get: Understanding The Context, Philosophy, and Logistics behind a Project to Reduce Waste at The University of Montana