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Leisure Studies | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration | Tourism and Travel


This study assesses the image and perceptions of Gardiner by visitors as well as their reasons for visiting Gardiner and spending patterns within the town. Visitors to Gardiner were primarily in the town to eat and drink, shop, drive through and get fuel; average daily spending was $178. Visitors, both in open-ended and structured responses noted that Gardiner was a friendly and welcoming community, and a fun place. Respondents also believed, however, that there was room for improvement with services available such as food and shopping opportunities. Visitors have many opinions about Gardiner, some positive and some negative. Gardiner is in a unique position, as the original entrance to the world's first national park, to take control of what they like about their town and make sure the positive qualities of the people and place are sustained and improved for the future generations of both visitors and residents.


Gardiner, visitor perceptions, spending patterns, nonresident image perceptions, visitor image, group characteristics, Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner Gateway project, gateway community


Research Report 2014-2


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