Aims & Scope

The Montana English Journal publishes articles, reports, and creative work relevant to teachers of English language arts in Montana. The editors welcome submissions that focus on English language arts instruction at all educational levels, K-16, including:

  • RESEARCH ARTICLES: These articles disseminate original research findings relevant to English education. We recommend that research articles include the following: research questions, a theoretical framework and/or brief literature review, methods (including data collection and analysis), findings, and implications for English educators. Full-length research articles should be between 4000-6000 words in length (including references). Please note that evidence of IRB approval, student assent, parent permission, and/or teacher consent should be available upon request if findings include participant voices and student or teacher work.
    • CURRICULUM DESIGN ARTICLES: This strand provides an outlet for classroom teachers and teacher educators to share curriculum units. We recommend that curriculum design or teaching idea articles include the following: a rationale for the curriculum unit/idea that is supported by references to published works and the Montana State Standards; an account of the unit or lesson sequence’s learning objectives; and a clear overview of the curriculum unit, including an explanation of key resources. We also encourage reflection on the curriculum unit and plans for future iterations. Curriculum design articles should be between 2000-3000 words in length (including references).
      • PRACTICAL TEACHING IDEA ARTICLES: This strand allows for English teachers and teacher educators to share teaching ideas and strategies that have worked for students in their classrooms. These articles may focus on implementing or adapting strategies learned through attendance at conferences such as MFPE, IEFA, or NCTE. They may also reference ideas encountered in pedagogical or scholarly texts. The strategy or ideas discussed could also be original, developed as teachers work with and for students. If you are writing about an idea sourced or adapted from somebody else, please be sure to cite any original authors and their work. Articles submitted in this category should be between 2000-3000 words in length (including references).
        • REVIEW ESSAYS: Review essays can focus on one or more texts. Reviews can evaluate pedagogical books, research studies, YA fiction, children’s literature, poetry, or any other work relevant to the field of English education. Reviews should be between 1500-3000 words in length (including references).
          • TEACHER AS ARTIST: The Montana English Journal editorial team also invites you to share your perspectives on English education through submissions of original prose, poetry, art, and photography. Your artwork and photography may also be selected to be featured on the cover of the journal edition.
            • PRESERVICE TEACHER STRAND: The editorial team also welcomes submission from preservice teachers enrolled in undergraduate or graduate education programs. Preservice teachers represent the future of our field, and we believe that our readership can learn from the voices and perspectives of those people preparing to enter the teaching profession. We encourage preservice teachers to consider submitting: (1) Reviews of pedagogical books, picturebooks, young adult literature, or other relevant texts; (2) Written interviews with teachers, scholars, or other stakeholders; (3) Memoir or personal narrative writing that speaks to your perspectives and experiences with regard to teaching and learning--especially given the shifts and changes to school as we know it due to the global pandemic. Please reach out to the Editor or your course instructors if you would like to discuss your idea before submission. The length of these submissions should not exceed 2000 words.