UMCUR 2023 Award Winners


Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI): Preparing the Younger Generation for a Better Future with Wildfire by Elizabeth Riddle, Rory McIaverty, Katherine Wendeln, Lillian Hollibaugh, Mackenzie Weiland, and Aubrey Frissell (Brittany Palmer, mentor)

Humanities: Effects of Cultural Matching and Identity Safety: An Examination of Indigenous Student’s School Experiences by Toni Horton, Susie Michalek, and Caitlin Carvalho (Anisa Goforth, mentor)

Life Sciences: Telomeres: a tool to assess the impacts of mining contaminants on riparian songbirds by Lillian Krach and Bridger Creel (Creagh Breuner, mentor)

Life Sciences: Influences of Individual and Environmental Factors on Body Condition in Female Elk by Nicole Bealer, Sara Williams, Evelyn Merrill (Mark Hebblewhite, mentor)

Social Sciences: Community Outdoor Recreation Realization Pilot Review and Recommendations by Grace Friend, Ashley Castro, Jazzelle Elias, Lisa Spang, and Grace Walhus (Jennifer Thomsen, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Welcome to the Farm: examining relationships to Earth for a thriving future by Elani Borhegyi (Caroline Stephens, mentor)


Humanities: Wilderness and Civilization: What's Your Story? by Wyatt Day (Andrea Stephens, mentor)

Life Sciences: Inhibitory Signaling From a Critical Hub Neuron Drives Behavior Selection and Frequency by Wyatt Ploot (Sarah Certel, mentor)

Life Sciences: Optimizing Whole Genome Sequencing from Fecal Samples in Snowshoe Hares by Jessica Powell, Cynthia Ulbing, Tim Wheeler, and L. Scott Mills (Jeffrey Good, mentor)

Social Sciences: Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in West Mexico by Emma Zoiss (Meradeth Snow, mentor)



Life Sciences: The role of SERCA in neural development and brain tumors by Hannah Christman (Beverly Piggott, mentor)

Social Sciences: Overlap of Cognates in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon: A Cognate Continuum Model by Ashlynn Everett, Juhi Singh, and Mila Tasseva-Kurkchieva (Danielle Fahey, mentor)

Social Sciences: Exploring Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Reproductive Healthcare in Rural Montana by Laila Mascarena (Jessica Liddell, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Kept Things: Symbols and Identity in Narrative Nonfiction by Caroline Tuss (Erin Saldin, mentor)


Humanities: The Beauty and The Beast: Beauty and Misfortune in Maria de Zayas's Novellas by Clarise Sviatko (Jannine Montauban, mentor)

Social Sciences: Understanding Dosage in Speech Sound Disorder Therapy by Pyper Trumble and Megan Andersen (Amy Glaspey, mentor)

Physical Sciences: pH Regulator Ae2 is Important for Brain Development by Celia Keil (Beverly Piggott, mentor)

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