UMCUR 2024 Award Winners


Humanities: Examining the Relationship Between Anthropomorphism and Theory Of Mind by Noah Paulson (Sarah Sweezy, mentor)

Life Sciences: Rhinoceros Beetle Courtship Dancing Analyzed with DeepLabCut Technology by Andrea Newbrough (Doug Emlen, mentor)

Literary Arts: Too Old for Monsters: A Collection of Stories by Lindsay Hause (Robin McLean, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Overview: High-Quality Atmospheric Readings and Telemetry (HART) Station by Joseph Hart Knudsen (Lu Hu, mentor)

Social Sciences: Assessing American Attitudes: Welfare Perceptions Over Time by Race, Gender and Education by Liliana Silver (James Tuttle & Daisy Rooks, mentors)


Humanities: The Impact of Mental Health on Recidivism: A Logistic Regression Analysis Examining Federal Probation Outcomes by Stephanie Kowal (James Tuttle, mentor)

Life Sciences: Creation of a Database and Website for Genome Sequencing Data by Jacqueline Olexa (Jeffrey Good, mentor)

Physical Sciences: The Youth Forest Monitoring Program: Informing high school students, prescribed fire management, and the broader community by Caitlyn Sena and Elizabeth Burke (Akasha Faist, mentor)

Social Sciences: What do People with Aphasia Want Out of an Aphasia Community Group? by Shannon Welby and McKinlee Mihelish (Catherine Off, mentor)



Humanities: Sentiments of Slavic Resettlement in Montana by J. Kolter Stevenson (Jason Triche, mentor)

Life Sciences: The Breaking Point: Examining Antler Breakage Patterns and Morphological Variation in Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis) by Jocelyn Stansberry (Douglas Emlen, mentor)

Literary Arts: On Mimicry by Loran Schneiter (Christopher Dombrowski, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Potential for Disease Spread in White-Tailed Deer in Northern Idaho by Jackman Mitchell-Robohm (Chad Bishop, mentor)

Social Sciences: The Impact of Past Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence and Coercion on Abortion Attitudes by Grace Bintz and Selina Hardt (Rachel Williamson, mentor)


Humanities: Laughalytics: analyzing humor preferences through an online card game by Caden Fox (Justin Angle, mentor)

Life Sciences: Effects of timber harvest on understory vegetation succession: a time series study by Reese Poindexter, Trevor Weeks, and Chad Bishop (Akasha Faist, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Column Packing Efficiency for HPLC Using Low Silica Concentrations by Gabriella Nelson (Christopher Palmer, mentor)

Social Sciences: Differences in Internalized Weight Bias Across Eating Disorder Treatment Groups by Kathryn Bick (Caitlin Martin-Wagar, mentor)

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