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Bachelor of Arts

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Physics and Astronomy



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Physics and Astronomy

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Andrew Ware

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Engineering Physics | Plasma and Beam Physics


Stellarators are devices that use magnetic fields to optimize the conditions needed for plasmas to undergo fusion. Unlike tokamaks, stellarators do not rely on a plasma current but can produce a helical magnetic field using only external coils. In a stellarator, the coils surrounding the plasma are called modular coils and those that follow the plasma are called poloidal field coils. Modular coils can be difficult to build if they are too complex. An effort is underway to develop coil conditions that meet both physics and engineering constraints. The FOCUS code was developed to flexibly optimize stellarator coil configurations [C. Zhu, et al., Plasma Phys. Contr. Fusion 60, 065008 (2018)]. In this work, we will use the FOCUS code to develop and analyze coil configurations for a plasma boundary that is optimized for particle confinement. We will examine modular coil configurations with and without a set of poloidal field coils.

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