Exploration of Sensory Processing Disorder through Movement

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Bachelor of Science

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Neuroscience – Cellular and Molecular

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Heidi Eggert

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Heidi Eggert, Brooklyn Draper


Dance, Modern, Neuroscience, Dance Underground

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Art Practice | Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience | Other Arts and Humanities | Visual Studies


The "Rest your feet" project explores Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) through the lens of movement, aiming to communicate the overwhelming sensations experienced by individuals with SPD. SPD is characterized by abnormal sensitization to environmental stimuli, leading to debilitating effects on daily life. While not yet officially classified as a standalone disorder, it is recognized as a significant symptom of conditions such as autism spectrum disorder.

As a neuroscience major with a background in dance, the project aims to merge these disciplines to deepen understanding and empathy for SPD of the general public. Drawing on personal experience with sensory issues, the project uses movement as a tool to express and explore the complexities of SPD. By working with dancers, whose medium of expression is movement, the project aims to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and personal experience. The culmination of this work was a performance at the dance department's show "Dance Underground," providing a creative and educational platform to raise awareness about SPD. Mentorship from Heidi Eggert guides the project, ensuring its artistic and scientific integrity. This interdisciplinary approach not only enriches scientific understanding but also highlights the power of movement as a medium for expression and education.

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