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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication Studies

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Communication Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Stephen Yoshimura

Commitee Members

Dr. Justin Angle, Dr. Gregory Larson


Hospitality, Resort, Hotel, Management, Ex-Antecrisis, Ex-Postcrisis, Service Recovery, Guest Interaction


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Organizational Communication


The purpose of this study was to better understand the interactions that occur at high-end resorts during service failures that guests sometimes experience during their stay. Both service-failure managers and guests who had experienced service failures during their stay at a high-end resort were interviewed to examine the service recovery techniques and timing strategies (such as the ex-antecrisis crisis timing strategy) that are perceived to be the best methods to correct service failures during a guest’s stay. In comparing the responses from service recovery managers and guests, commonalities were found regarding the best practices for ways to treat guests during service failures, and the pre-existing understandings that service recovery mangers have about techniques that have effectively resolved service failures in the past.



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