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Thesis - Campus Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies Program

Committee Chair

Phil Condon

Commitee Members

Dan Flores, Dan Spencer


Gallatin Canyon, Montana


University of Montana


Patten, Robin, M.S. December 2006 Environmental Studies In the Light Beyond Dreaming Chairperson: Phil Condon The Gallatin Canyon of south-central Montana is a landscape of varied terrain and mixed ownership, with a community of people that represent diverse attitudes towards the land. In its diversity, the region provokes questions as to how this area developed into what it is today: a complex setting of rugged geography, rich biota, and contrasting humanity. I set out to try to understand this region by taking three approaches, combining ecology, cultural history, and personal experience to examine the development of land and community through time. I discovered an intricate story that connected the Gallatin Canyon to much larger events in time and space. I also came to understand that my own life – and probably all our lives – are part of a much bigger picture, shaped by forces that may lie far beyond our own awareness.

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