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Camas Magazine cultivates a community of writers and artists dedicated to land health and cultural resilience in the American West.


ISSN 0734-9963

CutBank is a literary magazine published twice each year by the Creative Writing program at the University of Montana. The print version, archived and available here (with the exception of the two most recent years) includes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction submissions.

Education's Histories

About Education's Histories

Education’s Histories is an online journal focused on histories of education. It considers not only digital and analog research on schooling but also such research on education outside the institution of school. Education’s Histories examines the content, form, and methods of research others have done and presents new research, too. Special attention, at least for now, is given to methodological problems, practices, and innovations in the history of education field, particularly those in the digital environment. In fact, we intend for it to provide methodological grist for the field. We are calling our narrative style “creative non-fiction” with scholarly proclivities.

A Note on the Header Image

The header image for the site, “A Bookmark Would Be Better!” is a Works Projects Administration poster created by Arlington Gregg sometime between 1936 and 1940. This poster, among others, is housed at the Library of Congress. The stylized person in this image is ironing down a dogeared corner of a book on which he is standing, though the book itself is not fully visible. Presumably, this poster was made for libraries. This image highlights how individualized reading and its significance can be while the caption suggests that leaving traces of an individual’s reading, such as a crease, is not always preferable, especially when a single copy of a text might be shared among many people. Nevertheless—and without question—readers leave physical reminders of what they have found meaningful, and this makes reading a multimodal experience that layers readerly and writerly conversations. The original writer created the text, conveying a message to a reader about ideas or sources of provocation; a reader then converses with the writer whom s/he is reading, noting passages that invoke meaning; and, a reader of a reader reproduces this process, though s/he might find alternate passages and annotations of the writer or the previous reader resonant. This is what historians do. They attempt to reconstruct meaning of texts given the traces that past people have left behind. This process is accretive and perhaps akin to geologic phenomena.

Header Image:  Arlington Gregg.   A Book Mark Would Be Better!  January 1, 1936.  The Library of Congress:

Montana Journalism Review

Founded in 1958, the Montana Journalism Review is produced by journalism students at the University of Montana. It was published once per year from 1958 to 1979 and from 1993 to the present.

The Mathematics Enthusiast

ISSN 1551-3440

The Mathematics Enthusiast (TME) is an eclectic internationally circulated peer reviewed journal which focuses on mathematics content, mathematics education research, innovation, interdisciplinary issues and pedagogy. Authors do not need to be affiliated with the University of Montana in order to publish in this journal. Please send all submissions and correspondence to the editor, Professor Bharath Sriraman.

The Montana English Journal

The Montana English Journal (MEJ) is the annual publication of the Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts (MATELA), an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). The editors welcome articles of interest to their primary audience--teachers of English K-16 in the state of Montana.

Please consider submitting your original work, including:

  • RESEARCH ARTICLES: These articles disseminate original research findings relevant to English education.
  • CURRICULUM DESIGN ARTICLES: This strand provides an outlet for classroom teachers and teacher educators to share curriculum units.
  • PRACTICAL TEACHING IDEA ARTICLES: This strand allows for English teachers and teacher educators to share teaching ideas and strategies that have worked for students in their classrooms.
  • REVIEW ESSAYS: Review essays can focus on one or more texts. Reviews can evaluate pedagogical books, research studies, YA fiction, children’s literature, poetry, or any other work relevant to the field of English education.
  • TEACHER AS ARTIST: The Montana English Journal editorial team also invites you to share your perspectives on English education through submissions of original prose, poetry, art, and photography.
  • PRESERVICE TEACHER SUBMISSIONS: Preservice teachers represent the future of our field, and we believe that our readership can learn from the voices and perspectives of those people preparing to enter the teaching profession.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The Oval

The Oval is a literary magazine published annually by the Associated Students of the University of Montana, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, and the Creative Writing Program of the University of Montana English Department. It includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art.

University of Montana Journal of Early Childhood Scholarship and Innovative Practice

The University of Montana Journal of Early Childhood Scholarship and Innovative Practice is an online, peer-reviewed journal that is published twice a year. The journal provides a forum for graduate students to share articles related to the care and education of young children with early childhood practitioners, administrators, and policy advisors.