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Publication and authorship

Authors are required to provide a complete list of references that adheres to APA guidelines. Manuscripts must clearly indicate sources of financial support for sponsored research. Plagiarism is not tolerated which includes the use of fraudulent data. In addition authors are forbidden from publishing the same research in more than one journal.

Author's responsibilities

Manuscripts must clearly indicate all authors that have significantly contributed to the reported research. It is expected that the data in the articles is real and authentic, with URLS available to the actual data when requested by reviewers. Authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

Peer review

The responsibility of the reviewers is to be objective and assess the merits and weaknesses of the manuscripts. Manuscripts typically are sent to 3 reviewers. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited and reviewed articles should be treated confidentially.

Editorial responsibilities

Editors have complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article based on the outcome of the peer review. Editors should have no conflict of interest with respect to articles they reject/accept, the journal preserves anonymity of reviewers.