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The aim of this article is to discuss aspects of statistical literacy from research on statistics education conducted with teachers and developed by the Research Group on Mathematics and Statistics Education (GPEME) at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE). These investigations were influenced by international discussions on a perspective of statistical literacy that focuses not only on knowledge and technical procedures of curriculum content in statistics, but also on developing critical attitudes towards approaching data. The reflections are based on the analysis of research with teachers of different levels and teaching modalities, who engaged in problem-solving activities associated with various topics in statistics. The article problematizes the challenges of addressing statistical literacy in the initial and continuing education of teachers who learn and teach statistics. Discussions are included on research that has methodologically addressed teacher participation in groups that involve cooperative and collaborative processes and that associate teacher education with this broader perspective of statistical literacy. The research presented offers empirical evidence that an effective pedagogic strategy to improve teachers’ knowledge of statistics is to explore of dialogic situations in which they may be led to reflect on their own interpretations of statistical data related to contemporary contexts that involve different themes. Reflections on the research results also indicate some possible pedagogic implications and the need for future research that may better develop the topics studied.

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