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I found that Loving + Hating Mathematics: Challenging the Myths of Mathematical Life ended up being an interesting choice for me to write a review on from the perspective of a mathematics educator. My research has focused on the perceptions that individuals bring about mathematics to a teacher education program. I have found it interesting that every year the majority of the future teachers either focus on the negatives of mathematics or the rules and formulas that they see as the foundation (Holm, 2018). Rarely am I told about the beauty and elegance of the subject that seems to drive the mathematicians to live and breathe this field. For this review, I have chosen to focus on how the teaching of mathematics could be conceptualized in a way that allows the learners to experience what seems to drive the mathematicians whose stories are told in this book. Through the words of Hersh and John-Steiner as well as my observations of the book, I will also discuss some of the inequities that are a struggle in the field of mathematics as a whole in order to ponder why there seems to be a push and pull between many mathematicians and mathematics educators when it comes to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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