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This special section of vol8,nos1&2 of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast is a result of tremendous enthusiastic team work of many outstanding mathematics educators worldwide who are concerned with the issues related to mathematical giftedness and devoted to share with the international community their ideas, research results and best practices. The idea of the special issue on mathematical giftedness arose during the Topic Study Group 6 (TSG6) meeting at the 11th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-11) in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2009 led by Viktor Freiman and Ali Rejali in collaboration with Mark Applebaum, Pablo Dartnell, and Arne Mogensen. More than 60 participants and 20 presentations resulted in invitations to scholars to share their findings in extended papers that meet the high standards of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast. Each paper was rigorously reviewed by at least two renowned scholars. As a result of our work, we present 11 papers in this issue, 8 of which arise from the TSG6 work and 3 others are original papers written especially for this issue.

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